Our Team


Group Members

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Jeffrey E. Dick, Ph.D
Principal Investigator

Sondrica Goines

3rd year grad student

Kathryn Vannoy

2nd year grad student

Rezvan Kazemi, Ph.D

Postdoctoral Scholar

Rebecca Clark

2nd year grad student

Nicole Walker

2nd year grad student

Silvia Voci, Ph.D

Postdoctoral Scholar

Joshua Reyes-Morales

2nd year grad student

Jasmine Deng


Matthew W. Glasscott

4th year grad student

Nicole E. Tarolla

2nd year grad student

Hadley K. McCormick


Emili I. Potts


Christophe Renault, Ph.D, visiting scientist

Collin J. McKinney (left)

Matthew D. Verber (right)

Benjamin T. Vanderwaak


Thomas Clarke

1st year grad student

Philip Kauffmann

1st year grad student

Guillermo Colón

1st year grad student

David Probst

1st year grad student


Matthew W. Glasscott (Graduate Student 2017 - 2021)

Current Position: United States Army Corps of Engineers Research and Development Center

Lettie A. Smith (Undergraduate Researcher 2019 - 2020)

Current Position: Graduate Student, University of Texas at Austin

Andrew D. Pendergast (Undergraduate Researcher, 2018 - 2020)

Current Position: Graduate Student, University of Utah

Andy Hoang (Undergraduate Researcher, 2018 - 2020)

Current Position: US Fulbright Recipient

Anthony Bishop (Undergraduate Researcher, 2019 - 2020)

Current Position: Scientist, Sandia National Laboratories

Connor Weatherly (Undergraduate Researcher from Prof. Henry White's group, Summer 2019)

Current Position: Graduate Student, Northwestern

Dr. Moinul Choudhury (2018 - 2019)

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Daffodil University, Bangladesh