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Dr. Jeffrey E. Dick

Principal Investigator

Dear Explorers,

I want to welcome you to our group page! We are chemists who are interested in the applications of electrochemistry to nanotechnology and complex biological and environmental systems. We are passionate about many things, including the creative pursuit of new knowledge (what I like to fondly call research), educating all knowledge seekers, ages 1-120, discovering new truths of nature, and using new knowledge to the benefit of humankind. Feel free to peruse the website and reach out if you have any questions.

We are always looking for new talent to join the laboratory and collaborate with our team of multidisciplinary researchers. Please e-mail me directly with inquiries. We look forward to hearing from you!

Warm Wishes and Happy Trails,


Jeffrey E. Dick, Ph.D

Associate Professor

Purdue University

Group Highlights

January 10th, 2023


Lynn and Vanshika passed their 2nd year seminar with flying colors! Cristian, Lynn, and Vanshika are now one step closer to their PhD. 

December 27th, 2022

New Paper!

Congratulations to Silvia and Thomas for their paper "Abiotic Microcompartments Form when Neighbouring Droplets Fuse: An Electrochemiluminescence Investigation" in Royal Society of Chemistry- Chemical Sciences.

December 8th, 2022

Annual Dick Lab Holiday Party

Celebrating the wins from this year and planning for the adventures ahead! 

December 8th, 2022

New Additions to the Lab

Welcoming new Dick Lab members Crisitan, Brady, Rishi, Den, Dane, and Myles! 

August 22, 2022

Purdue University 

First day of classes at Purdue University.

July 1st, 2022

Purdue University

Jeffrey is appointed as a Richard B. Wetherill Associate Professor at Purdue University! Officially Broilermakers!

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